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The F-Cube Analysis Report is the report generated for various defined parameters post a game on the F-Cube Machine.

  • CUBE SCORE: Total Score accumulated by a player based on his/her performance during the course of an F-Cube game.
  • NO. OF ATTEMPTS: Total number of shots attempted by the player on the Screen during the course of an F-Cube game.
  • HIT %: Percentage of shots which hit the target against the total shots which hit the screen.
  • BULLSEYE %: Percentage of shots which hit the centre of the target against the shots which hit the target.
  • PEAK LEVEL: Peak Level is the maximum level reached by the player during an F-Cube game.
  • RESPONSE TIME: Average Time taken by the player between two consecutive hits on the screen.
  • SHOT SPEED: Speed with which player shoots the ball on the screen.
  • ACCURACY: Average distance of hit from the centre of the target.


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