It is a beacon of hope for Rajasthan’s hidden talents that combines the best of technology and infrastructure with a unique methodology to mould a child into a perfect footballer.


The Match Analysis Report is the report generated based on points given by an Evaluator for various defined parameters during the course of a Football game

  • PASSING: Accuracy & Technique applied to pass the ball.
  • RECEIVING: Technique applied to receive/trap the ball
  • HEADING: Accuracy & Technique applied to head the ball.
  • DRIBBLE/RWTB: Technique applied to maneuver the ball.
  • SHOOTING: Technique applied to attempt a shot.
  • COVER: Tactical understanding during defensive cover.
  • TACKLING: Technique applied to tackle an opponent.
  • STAMINA: Longevity of peak performance during game.
  • STRENGTH: Physical Strength displayed during game.
  • SPEED: Longevity of peak performance during game.
  • MOBILITY: Freedom of movement displayed by player.
  • DECISION MAKING: Ability to make correct decisions.
  • LEADERSHIP: Leadership qualities exhibited during game.
  • WORK RATE: Intensity exhibited for duration of game.
  • CREATIVITY: Ability to use different skills during game.
  • COMPOSURE: Ability to maintain calm under pressure.


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