It is a beacon of hope for Rajasthan’s hidden talents that combines the best of technology and infrastructure with a unique methodology to mould a child into a perfect footballer.


The Video Analysis Report is the report generated post a game based on inputs received from the video recording the player’s performance

  • BALL CONTROL: Ability to control/trap the ball when faced with bouncing/grounded/high ball.
  • DRIBBLING: Ability to manuever the ball through obstacles.
  • SHOOTING: Technique applied to kick the ball for a shot at the target.
  • ORIENTATION: Ability to quickly find the best possible position or reposition to shoot the ball.
  • ENDURANCE: Ability to shoot consistently for a signifcant duration.
  • AGILITY: Quickness in movement of the legs and upper body to trap the ball.
  • BALANCE: Ability to maintain body position when weight is distributed during play.
  • WORK RATE: Ability to continuously exhibit quickness in movement or when pressured.
  • COMPOSURE: Ability to maintain calm and collect self when faced with a pressure situation.
  • IMPROVISATION: Ability to create an opportunity by utilising a different technique than convention.


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