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We are a competitive soccer club - with our members competing at all levels from local team galas.


With a membership of 190+ soccer players drawn, we have a high level of competition.

The Football Link’s proprietary technology, the F-Cube, is a globally accepted, interactive and intelligent device for football training, skill evaluation, accuracy, response monitoring, measurement of speed, endurance and power of the players. This device, as a player crosses different levels, measures and enhances the training parametres. It was developed to analyse the effective combined use of the six basic skills of Football – Dribbling, Passing, Heading, Shooting, Trapping and Tackling – all performed under pressure.

It quantifies, improves and monitors various mental and physical parameters associated with play across different age groups and skill levels and provides the information on an online digital platform. The machine continuously measures a player’s skill level and adapts the game difficulty to make it fun and challenging across different age groups and skill levels.




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