On the occasion of Children’s Day, 40 Zinc Football Academy players accompanied by their coaches paid a heartfelt visit to Chanavada Shikha Sambal School, another CSR initiative of Hindustan Zinc. Nearly 130 eager Shiksha Sambal children, ranging from Class 8 to 11, gleefully waited for the arrival of ZFA players.

The festivities kicked-off with an ice-breaking session, fostering a bond between the Academy and Shiksha Sambal children. This was followed by cricket, kabaddi, kho-kho and tug of war.

Later, the ZFA players gifted diyas and refreshments to the school children, while the Shiksha Sambal students took the lead in teaching everyone a local folk dance, Timli.

This unique and engaging blend of Hindustan Zinc’s two distinct CSR projects is a testament to the power of unity and celebrating diversity.